Our practice provides comprehensive pediatric and adolescent care for children from birth through the college years.  Our aim is to foster a personalized relationship with children, adolescents, and their parents, and provide exceptional care throughout a child’s and young adult’s life.  We are a member of the Pediatric Physicians’ Organization at Boston Children’s Hospital.  When specialized care is required, we will refer your child to a specialist who we trust, at Children’s Hospital or another local institution.

A Healthful Tip For Spring
For children who have springtime allergies to tree pollen, we recommend starting allergy medications IN EARLY MARCH as it has been unusually warm this year.

Important Recall information

AUVI-Q (epinephrine auto-injection) has been RECALLED; all strengths.

If you have one of these devices, please notify us.  We will send a prescription for another epinephrine-containing auto-injector to whatever pharmacy you specify.

For detailed information about this recall, we refer you to https://www.auvi-q.com.

Parent Discussion Groups
Meet with pediatrician, Jonathan Benjamin, Newton psychologist Sam Roth, and Behavioral Health Consultant, Aimee Lataille, L.I.C.S.W., for an hour conversation regarding your concerns about children’s behavior and well-being. This is an open discussion for parents to bring their questions. It is not a formal consultation for specific behavior problems. The discussion groups will focus on specific ages: teens, school age, and toddlers. Space is limited, so the groups will be no larger than 10-12 people.

Please call the office to inquire about dates and times. You can sign up over the telephone, or at the office. Cost per session: $15/individual; $25/couple. These sessions are not covered by health insurance.


Insurance Coverage for Brand vs Generic Drugs is changing – please read our note.

2015 News: Kathleen Caruso, PA-C and Roger Spingarn, MD continue in long-standing efforts to raise money for cancer research and patient support.

Please see our Important Change to Student Athlete Policy.

A 2012 Consumer Reports (page 4 & 20) survey found our practice was the only pediatric practice in Massachusetts (among 158 surveyed) to receive top marks across all five patient-experience categories.