Important Change to Student Athlete Policy

In 2013, the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) changed the physical examination requirement for student-athletes to adhere to the Department of Public Health’s policy.  In order to be compliant with State regulations, physical exams will be required every 13 months-to-the-day of the previous exam.

For example if a student-athlete had a physical exam dated October 10, 2014, that exam will expire on November 10, 2015.   This means that as of November 11, 2015 the student-athlete becomes ineligible to practice or compete until he or she presents proof of a current physical exam to the school nurse or athletic department.

This is a change from the current requirement, which enabled a student-athlete to remain eligible for the entire season if his or her physical was current on the first day of practice.

We, along with the American Academy of Pediatrics, believe strongly that continuity of care is important.  We believe that annual examinations should be performed by a clinician who knows your child.  The relationship we form with your child is important in promoting and insuring optimal health for him or her.

Please make certain that your child has a current physical exam that will last the duration of the season, or schedule a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible to have an updated physical exam. Schools will make no exceptions to this rule, nor will there be extensions granted by schools based upon a doctor’s note.

We are committed to assuring that your child’s participation in sports is not jeopardized by this regulation, but we need your collaboration to make this happen.  Difficulties may arise without proper planning with the scheduling of appointments and coordinating insurance coverage.  Please do your best to call two-to-three months in advance to schedule time for your child’s physical examination; last-minute examinations are very difficult for us to arrange.


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