Insurance Coverage for Generic vs Brand Drugs

To Our Patients,
Re: Your prescribed medications

It is evident that insurance companies, instead of charging higher co-payments for brandname medications, are often no longer covering them at all. That is, if you want a brandname medication, you will have to pay for the medication entirely.

In MOST instances, generic medications are perfectly acceptable alternatives to brand names. However, in some cases, most notably certain thyroid medications, a few cardiac medications, and some medications for ADHD, we do not feel that the generic substitutions are acceptable alternatives to the brand-name medications.

If you have questions about your prescriptions, and substitutions made by your insurer, please discuss them with us. As with all our medical recommendations, we will endeavor to be cost-effective. However, we will not sacrifice the safety of our patients to accommodate the financial deals that insurance companies make with pharmaceutical companies.

If you are as displeased with this as we are, we encourage you to voice your concerns to your health insurer, your employer, and your elected representatives.

Jonathan A. Benjamin, M.D.
Roger W. Spingarn, M.D.
Elissa B. Rottenberg, M.D.

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